Candidate Experience

It’s a matter of choice

Some people are really lucky, and they don’t ‘have’ to work for you!

but if you are really lucky they will decide that they want to (Yay go you!)

The candidate experience starts way before you put that advert out there, people will experience your brand, spend time using your product, in your outlets or with your people all as a consumer.

And don’t forget that even if you are not a B2C type of company with a big externally facing brand, people will experience your industry, they will see news about your gender pay gap or hear from friends and family what its like to work for companies just like you.

All this interaction happens without policy and procedure and forms their views, expectations and feelings about you as a company and a brand.

So, choice is really important because before you get an opportunity to choose them…they chose you!

Your time to shine!

This is it, you now get to tell your great company story to some fab candidates. Wax lyrical about your culture, the opportunities for them to develop and grow and how they will simply LOVE what you have done with the staff canteen.

If you start from a position that they chose you, then your whole conversation takes on a different message. How often does a candidate ask you “Why do you want me to work for you?” and what would you say?

But be authentic, part of the candidate experience is making sure that if you say you do something in your business then you do that, if you have values, then you live them.

30% of new joiners leave in the first 90 days and a massive 43% of these say that their role reality did not meet their expectation!

Expectation vs reality

This is your process, so it should be designed to work, remember thinking about Candidate Experience means that you need the process not just to work for you but for them too.

Are they kept up to date, is the process timely, did you lose them simply because there was a delay in the process?

Show me the money!

So why is it important to ensure that each candidate has the best experience?

It is expensive to recruit and lose people

Research from Oxford Economics shows that the cost of employees leaving ranges from £20,000 to £39,000 per person!

This includes the cost per hire so having a great Candidate Experience makes real business sense!

What if your processes put up a barrier for diversity?

For example, You want to close your gender pay gap and recruit and attract women into your tech teams – then getting the candidate experience right for women is pretty important, right?

And to do this you need to think about how you design the experience using data to inform this design.

Because treating people like people makes sense!

Px Guys Text.png

But more than this, isn’t it important because we want our people to have the best experience that we can deliver?

Measuring the experience

Capturing feedback from all candidates on their experience allows you to understand if there are any barriers to your business/industry for anyone or if something just doesn’t work as well as it could do.

At The People Experience Hub our Candidate Experience module lets you ask everyone how the process was for them – find out more here

Candidate Mug
  • Did expectation and reality meet or was something just not right?
  • Was the process designed right? From the advert, to the recruiter engagement, the application and interview right up being offered (or declined) the role.
  • Analyse this by job grade, function, geography and you start to get a real indication of what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Add this to your other Talent and Attraction data and you can start make some great decisions that will make life better for your people at the start of their journey.

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