Candidate Experience

It’s a matter of choice Some people are really lucky, and they don’t ‘have’ to work for you! but if you are really lucky they will decide that they want to (Yay go you!) The candidate experience starts way before you put that advert out there, people will experience your brand, spend time using your... Continue Reading →


What’s that then? We hear a lot about engaged employees being more productive employees, and that employees who are motivated going over and above the basics that their role requires of them. There appears to be a strong link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction that shows that there is a compelling business reason to... Continue Reading →


Work Life Balance It’s something we hear all the time, it’s something that doesn’t appear to be going away and it’s something nobody really seems to understand how to get right. This blog is not going to dive into the knotty discussion of "what is work life balance", is it the right terminology or something... Continue Reading →


Sometimes when you fall, you fly! “Aren’t you scared of falling?” “If you do not climb, you will not fall, this is true. Is it that bad to fail? That hard to fall? Sometimes when you fall, you fly” I have always loved this quote from Neil Gaiman and the question here of “Is it... Continue Reading →

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